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5 Sketch Plugins I Can’t Live Without



Every designer has their own workflow, their own way to do things. There’s no “correct” way however some plugins and tools can really help you to maximise your time and show you how your design will behave in the real world.


Craft by Invision


An invaluable little plugin which not only lets you use real data in your design at the click of a button but also makes duplicating content easy, create easy to work with design guides that let you update colours across an entire document and even prototype directly in Sketch.


Zeplin for Sketch


Imagine a world where you can give your developer a Sketch file without them having to touch Sketch. Zeplin lets you do this – not only does it show exact measurements in the correct unit for the platform (dp for Android, px for web etc) but it also lets you add comments, tags and design guides.



Magic Mirror


One of the few things that Photoshop used to thoroughly beat Sketch on was creating an in situ presentation. Smart objects just made it so damn easy! Then along came Magic Mirror and suddenly Sketch makes it super easy to pop your UI into a device and show it off to full advantage, all at the click of a button. Now that’s magic!



Sketch Focus


Although there is no way that my love affair with Craft will ever be over any time soon but Sketch Focus really did give Craft a run for it’s money as my favourite plug in. This nifty little plugin lets you take notes directly in Sketch then check them off as you do them. So rather than searching through your notebook or wondering what the abstract comment actually refers to this plugin lets you tie your feedback to the exact element.



Android and iOS Asset Generator


Only a masochist would love asset generation for a big project but thanks to this plugin it’s been speeded up considerably. It’s still not the most fun task in the world, but it does take a lot of the drudgery out of it.


Honourable mention


Send to Slack


Anything that makes it easier to share ideas has got to be a good thing, right? And this plugin makes it incredibly easy to send an artboard to Slack without needing to export and upload the image. Quick and easy!

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